Acceptable Use Policy

Use of St Helens and District Scout association Digital services is intended for charity use. All individuals are accountable for their actions across all the digital services.

What is expected?

• Members are responsible for their behaviour on the District’s connected platforms
• You are bound by the Scout association & St Helens Scouts rules for behaviour, communications, and safeguarding(Yellow Card) apply, and generally being a Scout (Promise & Laws Etc)
• Adult Volunteers will do their induction training which includes GDPR, Safeguarding etc, within 5 months of their start date

• To complete the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) security training


• Be kind online
• Reset Your password as soon as you have been sent your first password
• Be respectful of others and their opinions, even if they are wrong
• Keep your password private – no one else should know it.
• Think about your online safety and the safety of others, by thinking about what you share, only send messages and pictures that you would be happy to receive
• Use your account and applications positively during your time as a Member
• Report any suspicious emails using the phishing tool
• Report things that look suspicious to Leaders or the Help desk
• Must Deactivate any user of your group that leaves or is suspended or dismissed

and Do not’s

• Allow anyone else to use their user ID/token and password on any St Helens and District Scout association’s IT system.
• Leave their user accounts logged in at an unattended and unlocked computer.
• Use someone else’s user ID and password to access St Helens and District Scout association’s IT systems.
• Leave their password unprotected (for example writing it down).
• Perform any unauthorised changes to St Helen’s and District Scout association’s IT systems or information.
• Attempt to access data that they are not authorised to use or access.

• Exceed the limits of their authorisation or specific business need to interrogate the system or data.
• Give or transfer St Helens and District Scout association data or software to any person or organisation outside St Helens and District Scout association without the authority of St Helens and District Scout association.
• Use the internet or email for harassment or abuse.
• Use profanity, obscenities, or derogatory remarks in communications.
• Access, download, send or receive any data (including images), which St Helens and District Scout association considers offensive in any way, including sexually explicit, discriminatory, defamatory or libellous material.
• Use the internet or email to make personal gains or conduct a personal business.
• Send unprotected sensitive or confidential information externally.
• Forward St Helens and District Scout association mail to personal email accounts (for example a personal Hotmail account).
• Make official or contractual commitments through the internet or email on behalf of St Helens and District Scout association unless authorised to do so.
• In any way infringe any copyright, database rights, trademarks or other intellectual property

Reviewed by: Andrew Steele (IT Lead)
Approved By:

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