Group/Unit Websites on the District Hosting Platform

Groups and units are able to use the District Hosting platform to host their website as part of the domain. For example

This can be ordered through the Service Catalogue: Click Here

The product information is below:

We have a standard set of plugins, and manage updates through our central management console, so you don’t have to worry about patching, and can concentrate on content.

Gold Build Plugins/Functionality

  • #SkillsForLife Theme (On Brand theme produced by MerseyWeaver Scouts)
  • CDN Enabler (to improve page load speed)
  • Office365 Single Sign On (to manage user access)
  • Broken Link Checker
  • Coming Soon
  • EU Cookie Law
  • Joining/general inquiry/volunteer Form
  • Generate Blocks
  • MainWP Child Site (to enable remote patching and management)
  • PostSMTP (to allow the site to send emails)
  • Wordfence (Security firewall)
  • Wired Impact Volunteer Management (help with recruitment)
  • Events Calendar
  • Updraft Plus (BackUp & Restore, configured to backup to District Azure Cloud storage)
  • Members – to manage additional roles
  • We require MainWP & Wordfence to be installed to ensure that security updates are applied regularly, and Office365 SSO to maintain access control lists.

Additional plugins can be installed at the Owners discretion, however they may be removed if a plugin is advised to have security issues. This is to protect the integrity of the platform.

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