Service Agreement:

The District will manage and maintain the platform and it’s availability, and ensure your WordPress and Plugins are kept updated. Where a Gold Build managed plugin goes end of life, it will agree an alternative, and assist with migration.

District will manage & Renew the SSL Certificate. for your managed website

We will provide it with a default configuration, and in a “Coming Soon” state.

It is not responsible for the content of your website, although if you agree to syndication of District content to your website, we’ll do our best to “red pen” our content.

We reserve the right to take action to ensure security and stability of the platform.


>Single sigin linked to azure AD will be used to enfororce good password policy inline the the NCSC guidence
>Wordfrance firewall plugin will be nstalled accross all of the discrit hosting setup to provide web application Firewall(WAF)
>Supper admin/Newrok admin will require 2FA on there office365 account.
>wordpress sites hosted by sthelens scouts will be set to auto update
>Weekly backup of each site will be taken and stored on azure blob storage

Group/Unit Agreement:

  • Not to undertake any activities that would compromise the integrity or security of the platform.
  • Not to undertake any activities that would constitute breaches of any laws.
  • The Group will contribute and maintain content to their website.
  • To manage Elevated Access through the Support and Contact portal and not add Elevated Access users directly in WordPress
  • Thre Group will be classed as Data Controllers as the District will be 3rd party data processor
  • The Group will manage the website and content under the guidence of the scouts yellow card as well as scouts Guidence on websits which can be found at the below link