Saturday 8th of July saw another activity in this year’s calendar of integrated Explorer activities.

The units dodged the wet weather of the week to find a dry and sunny interval and met up by the Delph at Tawd Vale Scout Adventure Centre to try out their new raft building equipment.

Under Mike’s guidance we split into two teams to think about how to build our rafts and putting our planning in place, collected the spars, rope and barrels from the boat store.

Now was the time to put the planning into place and build our crafts.  Some ‘on the job’ redesigning as the teams constructed their craft and guidance on lashing and knots from the leaders  found two excellent looking vessels created and ready for launch before long.

After a thorough safety briefing and equipping those wanted to take to the water and we were ready to take to the water.

The first vessel took on a buoyancy issue after launch, but two brave crew took to the water to dodge inquisitive fishes and paddle their way out onto the water.

The second craft fared better and held for its crew to embark on a maiden voyage, with our two rafts still floating we took a cruise around the Delph whist our two crews learnt about balance and counter balance to keep each other afloat.

Unfortunately the weather had other a different view on our fun and the clouds turned grey and menacing with a ripple of distant thunder.  

The leaders on the water made the decision to land the crews and craft and so as others were taking to the water we navigated to beach and remove the rafts as the heavens opened and a deluge fell on us.

The group huddled under Andrew’s shelter as he cooked us sausages and burgers, consumed in slightly soggy buns until it was time for pick up.

A successful first foray into rafting activities with lots of lessons learnt to take to the next one, so watch this space for our next one and the chance to conquer the Delph on a couple of plastic barrels and pioneering spars kept together by short lengths of string – any who knows with the weather we are having lately – they ability to build a make shift Ark might come in handy.

Our day wouldn’t be complete without thanking the Explorers for their commitment and enthusiasm and Mike, Ryan, Andrew, Eva and Tom who helped run the activity and support was most appreciated.