At 7:30pm on 20th October, all 5 of the Jamboree participants had a date with some dragons! Not real ones, but three members of St Helens Rotary Club.

Having submitted an application form explaining why we were asking for a donation from them and what the money would be going towards, we were invited to talk to some of the Club’s members. All 5 participants and Glen, ADC Scouts for St Helens District, went along to answer their questions. The questions were all based around how the money would help us personally and what we would get out of the Jamboree, such as helping our confidence and learning about new cultures. We weren’t the only people vying for the dragons’ generosity, other groups were also going through the same process around the room.

After intense questioning, we were told to wait and leave the dragons to decide if we would receive a donation. We were then brought back into the room and presented with a cheque for £300, for which we were all extremely thankful.

We are now continuing with the fundraising efforts to meet the £19,000 cost for us all to have a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend a World Scout Jamboree as a participant.