Saturday February 18th saw the return of the St. Helens and District Equinox competition after its COVID hiatus.  Nine Scout teams and five Explorer Scout catching teams all descended on the Dream park in Sutton to compete for the prestigious trophies.

Luckily the weather was with us and the wind and rain of the former evening didn’t reappear allowing spells of sun to spur the teams on around the course searching for the scored control posts whilst trying to avoid being caught by the catcher teams.

The event concluded at 1pm as the teams returned to base to return their score sheets and recount their daring escapes from the catching teams over snacks and drinks.

All the teams’ scores were collated to determine who had managed to find all the posts whilst evading the catching teams and losing points.

As the culmination of months of preparation came to an end the winners were announced and trophies presented.  Well done to the 11th St Helens (Toll Bar) Scout team who managed to find the most posts and slip past the Explorer catching teams for most of the day and to the Haydock Phoenix ESU Delta team who took the most captures of the event.

The event finished at 2pm leaving us to walk the course to remove the posts and take down event signs.

A very big thank you to all the Scout groups and Explorer teams who came along participated and a special gratitude to all the leaders who marshalled and gave their time to support the event.

Finally a mention to Rob and Andrew for their patience and support, and without whom the event wouldn’t have been what it was.


Name of Scout TeamTotal Points
11th St Helens (Toll Bar) 3895
5th St Helens (Rainhill) 3170
26th St Helens (Blackbrook) 2825
Team A 21st St Helens Team a 2630
18th St Helens (Haydock)2550
26th St Helens (Blackbrook) Team B2395
15th St Helens (St Andrews) 2100
1st St Helens (YMCA) Team B 2000
1st St Helens (YMCA) Team A 1975
Total Points = Starting points (700) + Total Score for Posts – Total Points Lost
Name of Explorer TeamTotal Points
Haydock team delta 1175
Sutton Scorpion 975
Haydock team Alpha 875
18th St Helens (Young Leaders) 550
Windle Wombles425
Total Points explorer team = 100 for first time Scout team caught + 25 for each additional time caught